Fun Tie Dye Soccer Socks

Tie Dye Soccer Socks

Tie Dye Soccer Socks

All the peace loving soccer players want to be seen in these girls tie dye soccer socks.  Look, when we travel to Austin, TX we see signs and T-Shirts everywhere that say “Keep Austin Weird” – it’s a reflection on the hippie culture and lifestyle.  These brightly colored soccer socks are not weird at all.  In fact, you see them everywhere now, especially in girls sports like soccer, volleyball and softball.

You can get them in pink, green, blue, and almost every shade in between, and they’re made mostly of cotton.  No of course due to the nature of the tie dying process, the patterns will be different from sock to sock, so no two socks will look exactly the same.  Then again, on the soccer pitch, no two players are exactly the same, so wearing these tie dyed soccer socks helps reinforce that even though we all wear the same uniform and we’re part of the same team, everybody is a little different.


Crazy Soccer Socks


Crazy Soccer Socks

Crazy Soccer Socks

Crazy Soccer Socks are so important for your girls soccer team.  “They’re the thing that gave our team a winning season” one soccer mom told me.  They’re great for young girls teams or for older kids, but one thing is sure: they do make your team stand out on the field.  No of course it’s important to have quality uniforms and (duh) teach the little tykes to play … but the kids will have such a better and more memorable time if they have a little bit of fun in their uniform choice, and socks are the easiest way to do that.


What’s a Coerver Goal?

Coerver GoalIf you’ve never heard of Weil Coerver, you’re not alone, especially if you are an American.  Weil Coerver is a legendary Dutch Soccer coach who invented the Coerver Method, a soccer training method that emphasizes speed and footwork.  To make group training faster and more effective, he initially designed what is called the Coerver Goal.  The Coerver Goal is a flat soccer goal, typically a regulation size (8 ft tall by 24 ft wide) but it has absolutely no rebounding properties to it.

When a player shoots at the Coerver Goal, the ball settles into the loose net at the bottom of the goal, allowing the drill to be focused on shooting, passing and footwork instead of chasing after balls.  Since the goal is a flat goal, two groups can use the goal simultaneously, one on each side.  The other advantage to this form factor is that you don’t have to send a player into the depths of the soccer goal to retrieve a goal that has settled in the back corner or is wedged in the net somehow.


Softball Socks

Cube Softball Socks

Cube Softball Socks from

Softball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Men and women, boys and girls everywhere love to grab ball and bat and hit the diamond. Whether it’s a recreational league, high school team or professional team uniforms are important. In years past uniforms were not a high priority. As long as they had the team name, that was good enough. However, how times have changed. Nowadays, not only are uniforms much more colorful but so are the socks. Softball socks are no longer just plain white socks that players wear. Softball socks are socks that rock while allowing both individuals and teams to stand out. Styles of Socks Whether it’s for the whole team or one person, these socks certainly make a bold statement. No matter what interest a person has or what name a team has, there are socks that fit their feet. Socks can be patterned in diamonds, checkerboards, plaid, camouflage and countless others. If there is a cause an individual or team wishes to promote, these socks can let people know how you feel. Examples of causes these socks help to promote are:

  • Autism
  • Breast Cancer
  • Peace

Socks can be patriotic such as USA socks, or for those still a little bit hippie there are tie-dyed socks. Teams that are hot stuff can wear socks with flames or lightning bolts, while teams of Pirates can hit the field sporting socks with skulls and crossbones. Players with a softer side to them can wear socks with hearts or smiley faces on them. While this may not intimidate the other team, it will make you look good during the game. Animal Socks Animal socks are some of the most popular ones available. Teams named tigers, lions, leopards and wildcats can find socks with these themes. Other types of animal socks are:

  • Puppies
  • Cats
  • Monkeys
  • Frogs
  • Butterflies

Socks are available for adult men, women and kids. Whether it’s the slugger hitting cleanup, the pinch hitter batting with the game on the line or a child looking good turning a double play, there is a style of softball socks for them all. Remember that it’s not only how you play the game, but also how good you look while doing so. Softball socks are indeed socks that rock!

Bownet Soccer Goals: Sturdy & Portable

Bownet Soccer Goal

Having the right portable soccer goals is extremely valuable. Too many times, teams play with goals that are flimsy, not the right dimensions, or take forever to set up. None of these issues apply to Bownet soccer goals. These soccer goals are the perfect balance between sturdiness and portability. The Bownet soccer goals take a few minutes to set up, and they are rock solid once they are in position. Different sizes are available, depending on the age group playing and the length of the soccer field.

Bownet soccer goals can be set up by one person, which is something that cannot be said for most portable goals. There are no tools needed to set them up. Just a few straightforward steps and the goal posts are ready to go. Even the larger goals can be condensed to a size that fits into a bag. So players can carry these goals with them if they are playing at a field that is far away from their home/school/college campus.

The sturdiness of a soccer goal is crucial to how long it will last. Too many portable goals fall apart under the slightest pressure. Excessively rough set up or a particularly powerful shot can often destroy a flimsy portable soccer goal. That is why it is necessary to buy the Bownet soccer goals. These goals may be portable, but they are as sturdy as the strongest soccer goals around. Even a cannon-like shot from a striker’s boot will not break the posts on these goals.

The different sizes Bownet offers are tremendously valuable, particularly for coaches and youth teams. Smaller goals are perfect not only for pick up games, but also for coaching certain skills. If a coach wants the players to practice their finishing, a smaller goal is the ideal tool to use. Individuals can also use the smaller goals by themselves, in their back yard or inside the house. By repeatedly kicking into the target area of a smaller goal, players can improve the power and accuracy of their passing and shooting.

For those who are serious about having the best portable soccer goals, it is time to shop Bownet. These goals will blow away any of their competition. Their sturdiness, compactness, and ease of set up mean that they are a cut above other soccer goals. Once set up, these goals are as sturdy as permanently placed soccer goals.

The Evolution of the Sports Bra: Camo

Camo SportsbraThe purpose of a sports bra is to provide adequate support to the soft tissues of the breasts during a workout. Whether your workout involves a long-distance run, strength and resistance training or something else altogether, you want to wear a comfortable sports bra. With the styles of workout shirts and athletic apparel designed for women today, such as sleeveless or tank top-style shirts as well as shirts made out of a sheer material, sports bras often are visible to others. Some women even enjoy taking off their shirts and only wearing their sports bras while working out.

A Trend Takes Off
At one time, it was common for women to buy a sports bra in a neutral hue, such as white, beige, gray or black. However, those days are long gone. In the 2012 Olympics, U.S. Women’s National Team soccer player Alex Morgan spent a lot of time on the field wearing her brightly hued sports bra under her white jersey. With many female sports fans watching, she played her heart out, and the fad that may have already been simmering slowly in the background took off like wildfire. Soon after, female athletes that ranged in age from pre-teens buying their first sports bras, to grown women were buying Alex Morgan’s signature hot pink sports bra, as well as sports bras in bright yellow, green and other vivid hues. The purpose was not to hide the bra under the shirt but to have the bra get noticed.

The Evolution of the Trend
The trend of wearing eye-catching sports bras in vividly bright or neon colors has been popular for teens and women of all ages who enjoy working out, but the trend is now slowly evolving. While brightly colored sports bras are still popular, other options are also becoming popular. For example, a camo sportbra is also popular now. A muted or military green or brown camo sportbra is increasingly common, but so are bras that have a camo print in colors like hot pink, brilliant blue or other hues. Likewise, there are now spandex shorts available in these bold camo prints that are popular with athletes.

When it comes to workout attire, strong athletes today are not afraid to get noticed. In fact, they are making bold decisions about the style of their athletic gear, such as wearing neon and even camo-style sports bras and spandex shorts, to break out of the fold and get attention. If you are ready to add some fun to your athletic gear, consider purchasing a neon or camo sport bra today.

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