What’s a Coerver Goal?

Coerver GoalIf you’ve never heard of Weil Coerver, you’re not alone, especially if you are an American.  Weil Coerver is a legendary Dutch Soccer coach who invented the Coerver Method, a soccer training method that emphasizes speed and footwork.  To make group training faster and more effective, he initially designed what is called the Coerver Goal.  The Coerver Goal is a flat soccer goal, typically a regulation size (8 ft tall by 24 ft wide) but it has absolutely no rebounding properties to it.

When a player shoots at the Coerver Goal, the ball settles into the loose net at the bottom of the goal, allowing the drill to be focused on shooting, passing and footwork instead of chasing after balls.  Since the goal is a flat goal, two groups can use the goal simultaneously, one on each side.  The other advantage to this form factor is that you don’t have to send a player into the depths of the soccer goal to retrieve a goal that has settled in the back corner or is wedged in the net somehow.



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