Fun Tie Dye Soccer Socks

Tie Dye Soccer Socks

Tie Dye Soccer Socks

All the peace loving soccer players want to be seen in these girls tie dye soccer socks.  Look, when we travel to Austin, TX we see signs and T-Shirts everywhere that say “Keep Austin Weird” – it’s a reflection on the hippie culture and lifestyle.  These brightly colored soccer socks are not weird at all.  In fact, you see them everywhere now, especially in girls sports like soccer, volleyball and softball.

You can get them in pink, green, blue, and almost every shade in between, and they’re made mostly of cotton.  No of course due to the nature of the tie dying process, the patterns will be different from sock to sock, so no two socks will look exactly the same.  Then again, on the soccer pitch, no two players are exactly the same, so wearing these tie dyed soccer socks helps reinforce that even though we all wear the same uniform and we’re part of the same team, everybody is a little different.


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